Culture and technique are the key elements on which NOTE. builds their education. Being able to identify with the history of style enables hairdressers to build a cohesive clientele and keep your approach constantly on the move. Sound technique leaves room for creativity, bearing in mind that style and personal suitability come first.

NOTE’s approach to education works in a functional manner – “Aesthetics, ideology and craft – NOTE. foundation” is the rock on which we build our work. The class opens the view from where we look at the technical side of hairdressing. The hair as material, sectioning and understanding style are seen as equal parts of work along with cutting. Due to NOTE’s progressive nature, the class can be revisited when one needs inspiration to in salon work – we aim to present this class with fresh content always. “Aesthetics, ideology and craft” also is our tool when starting in-salon training and one-to-ones. This way we can offer you a comprehensive plan for future ideas on education with us. The next steps can be assembled according to your personal or salon’s needs.

“Modern barbering” is a class where we cut short hair on men and women going through the use of tools connected to barbering. This class gives perspective on how to approach working with short lenghts, the importance of shape and balance, and of course how all this attracts new people to salon. Technique is the thing that happens before style. “Modern barbering” can also be held as an in-salon training.

Education should serve a purpose, through NOTE’s education plan we seek to up the technical side of work, but even more give hairdressers tools on how to attract a steady, multifaceted clientele. Branching out from the salon gives personality and respectability to our work.

In addition to doing education, NOTE. brings international education to Finland to up the industry and bring firm credibility to the craft.

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NOTE. salon offers high standard hairdressing that is based on personal style and suitability. The salon also serves as an education platform – NOTE. education’s involvement with the salon maintains its progressive thought naturally in the daily work with inspiration in the forefront.

We aim to make a positive impact on personal culture and also to add something to life in the city. We identify as a space that provides time for oneself and disconnects you momentarily from busy routines. Culture is seen as our main tool, below you can download playlists curated from the salon’s soundscape. NOTE. shuffle playlists are ten songs compilations of various picks from our playlists. The video playlists add the visual element. NOTE. salon functions as a meeting place for people, see the bottom of this page for events – consider yourself invited.

Outside the actual work, we offer complimentary consultation. The idea of consultation is to answer questions from concerning change in color to “how would I look with short hair”. To book a time for free consultation, please call our salon.

NOTE. warmly welcomes you.

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