16.6. “One Step Forward”

“Are you a commercialized,
grabbing at the cash-backs?
This is a time of decision –
tell me, what is your plan?”

Max Romeo – One Step Forward

Went to club Cassiopeia for their Sunday Selection Club, reggae and dancehall oriented stuff played by Djs. The vibe was nothing short of welcoming – a good handful of people experiencing music and hanging out. The club’s program can be viewed behind this link. Reggae plays an oddly distinct role in what we do, with NOTE. we aim for the narrative of work along with the aesthetic that gives us the signature style. There is much to look at in Reggae – uniform beat, distinctive air of coolness, just a right amount of toughness, re-occuring themes of class consciousness and documentary-like take on the state of things.

Culture can easily be summed up as the things you see, but there is a lot more info behind the immediate image – the reason and history of the phenomenon. In music, or perhaps through music we are able to tap into the ethical side of culture, in the case of this post food. As the discussion around food has launched itself as a stable topic, it can also be asked: “What is food actually for?” Have a look here and see a few thoughts on the issue.

Take care of yourselves and eat your greens, love –


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In the coming posts we predict graffiti, dogs and “getting into it”.