17.7. “Slip inside this house as you pass by”

What is NOTE.Open House?

While there is no fixed plan, there is a blueprint. The concept has largely been an outcome of NOTE.’s personal experience in the hair world, but even more influenced by the experiences of the people whose hair we have done during the years before we launched NOTE. As our craft revolves around the social nature of the appointment there is a lot of information going back and forth during that time. From that info and ideas we have been able to take in and process, we have introduced NOTE.Open House and look to evolve the event’s eclectic nature. As for as education goes, NOTE.Open House falls in that little piece of land that stands between technical education and pure fun.

Hair salons are wonderful venues – they host a huge number of people weekly and quite literally someone is either coming or going all the time. NOTE.Open House seeks to harness this to an extend where in turn of your own effort of bringing something in you get something in return. The salon as a venue and hair as media, we aim to bring hairdressing as a steady fixture of streetlife and personal style. Brands have had through history steady followers because people feel certain brands represent something that connects with their own style or ideology. As a salon you want to represent your own brand, it makes the work a lot more cohesive and creates a relaxed atmosphere – this is how your place is and this is what we do.

As NOTE.Open House started out as an open for all format, we were very anxious of what the experience would be and what would come out of that. Up until now, the format has gained us a reputation and vibe that in fact is largely based on experiencing NOTE. rather than us telling what we are. We are more than happy that we have been described as cool, stylish, provocative, smart and among other things – fun, since it is based on experience.

We mentioned in the previous post that instead of doing hairstyles we seek to give something to person’s own style. By keeping the quality of work on par you don’t really need to reinvent yourself all the time for the sake of it. Hosting events and clubs gives ample amount of info how people feel right now and what they are into. This again should point you to the direction where to look for inspiration and how to make it a part of your work. As change happens all the time, the work should fluxuate naturally along.

So, the most simple way of defining NOTE.Open House is to say that it functions as a tool that enables people to find like minded people. This in return gives way to something new that adds to the existing culture of, but gives more possibilities in whatever you want to do. Things happen and the vibe is there only if individuals contribute as one, but also as themselves to something collective that creates possibilities instead of pointing to old structures. Be the driving force and get some cool people to join in.

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