19.8. Nothing Other Than Ethics.

“I never imagine myself as anything.

I’ve never had a goal or any future vision at all. I just do what’s in front of me.”

Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat, Discord, Fugazi etc)

Do it yourself – a method of working that takes a lot of effort and is potentially highly rewarding. In a time and environment that is hectic and highly marketed, DIY mentality opens possibilities on how to structure your plans and at the same time calls for attention for every detail involved in the process.

The very beneficial aspect of doing it yourself is that 1. you get fresh information on your work processes – how they work and what can be changed, and 2. you can mobililize people with your information, pass it on and see what they make of it.  More than responsibility, this method of working calls for discpline -introducing the topic is fundamental as is information that everybody involved is part of the outcome equally. Combine the two and you are working for an environment that naturally reinvents itself and gives options on how to do things with people who are there to do something with you.

On mental level the method also broadens your perspective on things – hosting events and scouting for venues becomes easier as you have a clear idea what is needed to pull the event through. On wider scale it gives flexibility on choosing the venue from the ethical perspective: do you want to support the space for space alone?

Through NOTE.Open House we have steadily included more people in what we do, be it through photographing, making food in a group, facilitating the space etc, we seek to find the best possible ways of working within a system that already exists and then broadening the methods further. Giving direction is important as you start, but equally important is to take a step back and interfere as little as possible with these tasks.

Play from the heart!