20.6. “I don’t have any lifestyle advice.”

“If I have a cup of coffee I’ll sit down at a table. I hate that idea: eating on the go. It’s like men wearing short trousers. Where will it end?”

– John Cooper Clarke

The cornerstones of a thing called Punk, John Cooper Clarke has carried over – and passed on the mentality of Punk through writing some of the most inspirational poems and delivering them live in a manner that just is everything.

Live poetry is a challenging task, but hearing and seeing the work spoken out it is very easy to understand the importance of rhythm, pace, timing and swag. What Jack Kerouac set out with his Spontaneous Prose, John Cooper Clarke carried the antagonism of writing into the new world.

As the title of this entry, a quote from JCC suggests, there’s no advice – but it has to have style.

To have a dig at who is John Cooper Clarke, please see his website.

Added to the Berlin Diary is the wonderful Beasley Street.