2019 partially re-visited

“I want toy tin soldiers that can push and shove.
I want gun boy rovers that’ll wreck this club.
I’ll build you up and level your heads.
We’ll run it my way, cold men and politics dead.”

The Germs – Lexicon Devil

NOTE. closed the year with a high note – most notably giving The Ultra Moderns an international flair. The 2019 Annual Report introduced our aesthetics in a wider spectrum while the shoots themselves maintained a grassroots level of working – you just do it.

The Ultra Moderns were presented in three separate Annual Report shoots internationally along with live action in Finland twice. Third live action was onstage at a rave in Berlin.

What is the Annual Report? It is a roughly year long theme which NOTE. carries out with rotating line-up in variety of modes – stills, video, live. The Annual Report seeks provide a platform that communicates with the times – and in occasions ahead of its time. Each Annual Report is given a name and a backdrop to its mentality – while style usually involves consuming, NOTE. clearly interprets style as a social thing.

The subversive element of The Ultra Moderns was that it was based fundamentally in historical events that have occurred and in return feeding them back in to the sphere of media. The story is the people, the passed time is the backdrop.

As 2020 progresses we hope to provide you with images with narrative that hold their value.

See you soon as the next Annual Report is about to come out – also have a dig at the playlist here: NOTE. aesthetics