6.7. The Last Week or So

Starting with the Agnostic Front “Victim in Pain” 35th anniversary gig at SO36, we’ve managed to immerse ourselves in the overwhelming possibilities of live arts and music. What can be laconically labeled as underground or in wider spectrum subculture has one remarkable chararacteritic – it withstands the rabid change in mainstream culture. Underground cultures to this day leave a trail behind them and while it is possible to follow the trail back, the forward motion and cultivating into new regions is vital for survival.

With this blog in no means do we aim to appear as know it all people of all things brought up in here – parts of the content do come from the personal experience and life in the underground culture, and a big chunk comes with going and seeing things.

Before the big Techno/electronic music phenomenon in Berlin, the city was already under heavy foreign inspiration – among others The Birthday Party who not only musically, but aesthetically influenced the underground for good. Venues play a big part in subculture history and have a tendency to root the movements and ideologies presented in to something that can be a shared experience. Venues are vital in the big picture – first time arriving somewhere it is usually the first impression and dictates a big part of your exprerience from that point on. Urban Spree hosted an amazing night with gritty – dare I say, dance music. The music has apparently rediscovered itself and uses the tools of Throbbing Gristle to go deeper into the rabbit hole and define things once again – uniform, militant, unconventional, liberal and tons of fun.

With NOTE. we aim to be part of new culture, something that uses history as a tool while maintaining progressive outlook as we do not want to get caught up in old modes of living and thinking. Working as one is fundamental to our work and the communal aspect comes together with right people, right time and right place. To answer the guestion in a shortest possible manner, we are on the look out for a venue where the first international NOTE.Open House will be held. We are looking at a crossing of the hair world into the cultural sphere for good and aim to bring all of you an event that will be the “future in ten years”. Once the dates are locked, there will be an announcement on location and program – we wish to see many of you lovely people here in Berlin.

Take care,

love –