9.7. “The Point of It All”

“What are you listening to?”

A guestion we quite often get and a topic we discuss with pleasure. With our playlists we’ve tried from the get go to give people an idea of how we are and what the vibe is. Pictures have played a huge part in history, we shape our tastes according to the visual material we get exposed to – to who or what brand we identify with, what we want to give away with our looks and what group we feel like we belong to. From books in our salon to the aesthetics we use as material in our education, there’s one thing that we highlight over anything else. This is sound.

Music,or quite simply sound as we say plays a key role in generating a feel, it’s a thing we respond to. With NOTE. we’ve aimed to incorporate craft again with art and bring something new to experince, something that is material, but has emotional value. Hairdressing has a peculiar trait in the modern world, it has a clear social element from start to finish. Between the client and the person doing their work, there is hardly a second lost.

We’ve experimented quite a lot with the stuff we listen to while practicing – from this to this and it works miracles. The ambient we use a lot in colours, with tone and depth. Noise is good because it has a solid feel and shape to it. Somewhere between the extremes exists the still emotional, but perhaps equally entertaining music that has good rhythm, nice tone and the right feel. This balance is something that we try to keep on par during the salon open hours and offer that something that makes the stay more personal. The comments have been outstanding: ” I don’t even want to read, I’ll just listen.” It’s a nice revelation, it is making feeling cool again.

So yes, we listen to variety of stuff that serves the mental and/or physical side of things, the playlists get curated through that process. We want to welcome people to a space that has ambience. Apart from that we do have rather good coffee as well.

Take care,

love –