12.6. “Maladjusted”

I want to start from
before the beginning –
loot wine, “Be mine, and
then let’s stay out for the night.”

Morrissey – Maladjusted

Welcome to the first entry of NOTE. Berlin Diary. This diary will serve as a scattered info platform on what NOTE. is doing in Berlin. To accompany this diary we are doing a playlist where we gather the titles of these entries. Feel free to click this link to follow the playlist: link

A brief get together with extended NOTE. – the communal aspect is a vital piece in the puzzle that makes the picture of how things come together. This Berlin thing has been in works for a long time altough it was just made public. We hung out with a handful of people who have took pictures of things related to, done “modelling” or simply been there. To keep this as brief as possible, we are going to share quite extensively the things that are happening during the trip – we hope to atleast provide you guys entertainment.

Take care of yourselves, love