Culture and technique are the key elements on which NOTE. builds their education. Being able to identify with the history of style enables hairdressers to build a cohesive clientele and keep your approach constantly on the move. Sound technique leaves room for creativity, bearing in mind that style and personal suitability come first.

“Aesthetics, Ideology and Craft” is the foundation of all things NOTE. The course gives a comprehensive take on how we look at the technical side of hairdressing: hair as material, sectioning and understanding style are seen as equal parts of work along with cutting. Due to NOTE’s progressive nature, the class can be revisited when one needs inspiration to in salon work – we aim to present this class with fresh content always. “Aesthetics, Ideology and Craft” is also our tool when starting in-salon training and one-to-ones.

“Modern barbering” is a stand alone day with focus on short hair. “Modern Barbering” gives perspective on how to approach work with short lengths along with the importance of shape and balance. “Modern barbering” can also be held as an in-salon training.

The five day course is divided into two separate two day sessions and one stand alone day:

Days 1 & 2 – The Square / The Round

Days 3 & 4 – The Shape / The Modern

Day 5 – Modern Barbering

Visual material for each day is available behind the links below this text.

Through NOTE.’s education we seek to up the technical side of work and attract a steady, multifaceted salon clientele.

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The Square The Round

The Shape The Modern

Modern Barbering

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